1. HD Lower Control Arm Mounts

HD Lower Control Arm Mounts

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These 1/4 laser cut front lower control arm brackets are designed as an OEM replacement part. Your stock lower control arms need to be completely cut off, and the axle tube cleaned and ready for welding. Properly position your new heavy duty mounts and weld them on. The flat bracket is intended to be welded to the front as a skid plate and brace to help strength the bracket, and protect your control arms from any new damage. - Kit comes with - 1. Pair of lower 1/4 brackets. 2. Pair of 1/4 reinforcement plates. 3. Pair of 9/16s grade 8 bolts. Quick Instructions. 1. Remove 1 control arm at a time. 2. Before removing lower control arm mount, reference old bracket for proper positioning. Do 1 side at a time. 3. Cut off OEM mount and grind axle tube clean. 4. Locate new OEM replacement mounts with your reference point and hold up against lower shock mount. 4a. Do NOT install square skid plate on front until your certain it will fit your style lower control arms. 5. Fully weld lower control arm bracket to tube and top where it connects to shock bracket. 6. Test fit control arm and weld on square bracket. 7. Let cool, paint, dry and reinstall lower control arm. 8. Do NOT use cam bolts. Use supplied 9/16s grade 8 bolt.

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