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Zone Offroad 2" Lift Kit 2011-2018 Chevy/GMC 2500HD/3500

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Part Number: C1244/C1245

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This kit is designed to give a full 2" lift at the front and rear for those looking for more than just a 2" front leveling kit. This kit comes complete with front torsion bar keys, front shock extension spacers and rear 2" block/u-bolts. The factory rear shocks have enough extension length to run with the additional 2" of lift.

Featured Technology & Benefits

  • 2" lift front and rear
  • Front torsion bar keys
  • Front shock extension spacers
  • Rear 2" block/ubolts

Important Notes!

  • Torsion bar unloading tool is required
  • 35x12.50 tires require minor trimming when used with factory backspaced wheels. If using wheels with less backspace than factory, 33" tires are recommended.
  • Optional steering stabilizers (3103/7103) only fit vehicles that came equipped with a steering stabilizer from the factory.

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