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Zone Offroad 6" Suspension System 09-13 Dodge Ram 2500/3500

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This new Zone Offroad 6" suspension system for the 09-13 Dodge Ram 2500 & 09-12 Dodge Ram 3500 is performance packed and budget friendly for those looking to get 37" tires under their HD Dodge truck. The lift uses a unique control arm relocation design. Both the stock upper and lower arms are relocated to relieve angles, properly position the front axle and provide good caster and front pinion angle settings. The 1/4" steel constructed relocation brackets mount directly to stock locations and only require a few new holes to be drilled for extra support. No cutting of the frame or axle mounts is required. Stock alignment adjustability is retained. Stock control arm angles are maintained to provide a great ride, handling and control.

In addition to the control arm brackets, all the necessary additional components are included. Full-length coil springs, dropped pitman arm, track bar relocation, sway bar relocation and bump stops are included. The rear kits feature new lift blocks and u-bolts. A rear carrier bearing drop kit is available also for trucks featuring a stock 2-piece rear driveshaft.

This product fits the following applications:

  • 09-13 Dodge/Ram Ram 2500 4WD
  • 09-12 Dodge/Ram Ram 3500 4WD

Featured Technology & Benefits

  • Unique upper and lower control arm relocation bracket design.
  • Heavy 1/4" steel construction.
  • No cutting of the frame required.
  • High performance at a low price.

Important Notes!

  • Works on 2013 2500 with 4 link front suspension only. Will not fit 1 Ton Trucks.
  • 2-piece rear driveshaft requires carrier bearing drop kit D5505
  • Will not fit dually applications
  • Rear axle diameter will be 3.5" or 4", measure before ordering
  • Minor trimming may be required with some tire/wheel combinations. A front bumper spacer kit (D5801) is available to gain clearance if necessary
  • If driveline vibration is present, some 6" kits may require the transfer case indexing kit (D5815). See installation instructions (step 17) for fitment details.
  • Will work with Power Wagon models with the addition of sway bar link kit D5301. Power Wagon models came factory with a 2" taller ride height so net lift gain will be 4" over stock.
  • Gas models may require modification to the front exhaust crossover pipe on driver side when using the transfer case indexing ring

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